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See the strange girl talking to her shadow.. she's got a secret to tell... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 Mar 2007|05:41pm]
I love how there's a person who calls himself a "conservative activist".. He was freaking out because McCain isn't "reagen" enough.. FUCK HIM.
Conservatives make me realllllly uncomfortable.
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[27 Feb 2007|02:01pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i haven't updated this one in a long time.
.. um, since then, i've gone to france and new york and in a couple weeks chuck and i are going to aspen. it'll be sweeeet.
I'm really excited about the smashing pumpkins. hmmm... and america's next top model.

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[03 Apr 2006|01:47am]
[ mood | worried ]

Saturday was pretty intense and ended with me passing out in richards room [i really don't remember a lot of it and thats creepy]

Sunday we went to millenium park for mary's photo project, went to bennigans, took the orange line, then went to look at the city and lightening from the shedd [amazing], then we watched a movie but i dealt with irish dance fucks.

my parents found out about the nin tickets.. mom's not that mad, my dads all like 'thanks for ordering me tickets' since it wasnt my credit card. woops.

sox won :D

heyyy corrie

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[02 Apr 2006|03:33pm]
[ mood | worried ]

i did something really horrrrrrible.

i took my mom's credit card and bought four nin tickets without talking to her about it first and they cost 58 each... ah!
she's going to killllllll me.

thechuckexprnc (3:33:31 PM): mike says you drink like a fish

I drink too much too.

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[28 Mar 2006|10:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

Classes started yesterday.
I like them all so far. One more to go.
Ladytron sold out.. before i got a ticket of course.
This is awful.

I think i might be a morning person. I kept waking up early all spring break for no reason. Then I had class at noon yesterday and planned to wake up at 10:30 but woke up at 7am. And today I woke up at 630 when my alarm was set for 715. and i'm not like tired or anything. hm.. we'll see how long this lasts.

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[25 Mar 2006|12:24am]
[ mood | drunk ]

ohmygod boys are weird.

i got my hair cut kinda short... well short for me.
i like it.
spring break is finally nearly over.

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[21 Mar 2006|02:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I want spring break to be over and to go back to school and start third quarter.
Tues and thurs will be hellish. 830am classes with Jesus. bleh. at least i know the professor. And I think i'm taking the class that chuck took second quarter so at least he can help me.

My dad got a new razor phone. its pretty nice. I don't get one until may. for now i have his really shitty old one. yuck.

I might go down to ISU on thursday to friday. that'll be fun... i really can't stand being home right now. its so borrrring.
I just wait until Kathleen and Caitlin are out of school and stay up late watching Discovery Health or some random shows on TLC.. Last night it was one on Hate Rock and white power, that was interesting. and disgusting. stupid nazi people. And tomorrow night they're doing MY surgery on tv. So if you have that channel watch it, you can see them cut off a girls jaw and put it back cuz thats what theyr'e going to do to me... oh and about that.. i find out if i'm ready for it in like two or three weeks, if not then i go back in over the summer and they let me know if i'm ready to do it over xmas break. if not then... well i'm going to freak out. Ive been a patient there since like 3rd grade and they told me i'd have the surgery anywhere from age 16-19... and ive been there so much that i have two folders instead of just one, one of the ladys there was like omgggg and i was like yeah ive been here too long.

and we're working on getting the cable internet set up. finally!

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[12 Mar 2006|02:28pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Went to the Irish parade very hungover.
it was a beautiful day though. And when the guinness float came by they were playing Today. I was so happy.

Then i did a whole lot of nothing.
My dad drunk dialed me. It was pretty hilarious. He was at a concert down here and was liek "heyyy we're going by your school and thought you might want us to visit and take you out for a drink.. JUST KIDDING!" and then continued to tell me everything about the show. It was awesome.

I'm working on my English final. I hate this professor. she wants me to go into detail about way too many things. I get that a lot from english professors, that i'm vague, but this is ridiculous. why should i have to explain some basic things that are just logical? and this is suppose to be a realist speech that he would give, he would not go into detail about COMMON KNOWLEDGE!

I'm going to work on this and then shower/eat and then go over to Clifton and work on this and soc. bleh. finals were so much easier last quarter when i finsihed one of them a month before the finals and only had one real test which wasnt over EVERYTHING. This quarter i have two papers [english and my fucking focal point one] then two tests. The math one's gonna kick my ass, along with this soc one. I'm worried. damn.

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[09 Mar 2006|05:03pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I need to do well on all of my finals. ALL OF THEM.

Math is going to be awful.
Soc.. ugh.
Focal point... meh... another essay to do.
English... really bad essay i have going.


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The last few weekends have been REALLY good [06 Mar 2006|03:12pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

The weekend before last i was starting to get sick, but still had a good time. some built up tension was 'released' i guess you could say lol.

Then this past one, friday sucked but saturday was good.
At the dentist on saturday they were like 'omg you have such beautiful teeth!' so thats always cool
then we went to the northside for an irish church thing so my sister and I danced at that. First time dancing full out in costume since September so that was pretty nerve recking, but I ended up doing really well.
After that, was the party at Alecs place. My parents gave me bailys for dancing [mint chocolate flavored.. yuuuum] so i called up Richard to go so him and i mary and his three friends from home went to the party.
This stupid straight guy who was hitting on every girl there and proclaiming how straight he was got progressively gayer as the night went on [hitting on angela, to me to the drag queen to straight up guys.] to the point where he totally hooked up with a gay guy that night. hilarious.
I got all freaked out that i lost stuff, but i didnt.
Richards friends were really nice. One of them asked me about Chuck and I because of facebook lol and said he loved the facebook groups I started relating to Chuck.
Kind of a weird weekend overall, but different from the norm. -- also, ive realized that i dont really enjoy being around drunk people that much... even if i'm drinking as well. hmm.

The song for grey's anatomy is pretty sweet. I came across it on myspace. and a lot of other random shit that I actually like.

My soc teacher went to the last metro show. im jealous. of course. she was like "did you get free stuff? we did!" boooo.

I have a lot of shit to figure out with myself and people. fuuuck..

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Check it out... [28 Feb 2006|02:05pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Tues.. April 18th: Kill Hannah, STG, and ClearStatic HOB.
Wed... April 19th: Same show but in Wisconsin at the Rave.
Thurs. April 20th: The Sounds at the Metro.
Fri... April 21st: Ladytron At the Metro
Sat... April 22nd: White Sox game with fireworks.

I'd say so.

In my focal point my C+ paper was raised to a B-! and my second paper turned out to be a B. I am so happy. Weirdest part... the people that i worked on it with
[who had been to the class and heard the lecture on the paper.. i missed three classes, i slept through one, hung out with richard for one and was too hungover and at this guys place to go to the last one i missed.. and of course I've read NONE of the reading]
well they didnt do as well.. wtf. I must be a genius lol. .. oh man i'm going to fail my final because of this ego i have right now.

And my michael collins speech went well... My teacher kept nodding in agreement when i answered the classes questions so that must mean good things.

BUT, i'm totally sick and I don't know why. I felt sick on friday and Saturday, but Sunday I felt great. The yesterday my throat hurt and my body ached. I probably have a sinus infection. boo.

Worst part about this, I have a dance show on Saturday and I havent danced in forever so i'm totally out of shape, and I'm dancing with GUYS who are amazing and my age who danced with Riverdance. Yiiiikes. I hope I make it through the show... its like 20mins long :(

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All nighter that will lead me to another C+ paper... [24 Feb 2006|01:46am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Last night I was up from 8pm to 7am in Clifton writing a stupid THREE page paper for my focal point class with the help of three other guys who are in that class with me. Now that may seem a little ridiculous [which it is] but the thing is the question was kind of complex and had almost nothing to do with any lectures or class discussions and I missed three class and did NONE of the difficult reading. So there was a lot to do in those hours.
Plus I had to have with this korean kid with broken english I was working with... he was having dance offs.. doing the robot everywhere we went.. and talking about finger fucking people [not really knowing what he was saying] .. he also said chucks dick tasted good.
And we went to clarks for breakfest at 5am.
Then I nearly slept through that class because i took a little nap before class and woke up a half hour after it started.. woops.

Tomorrow I get my math test back.. uh oh. thats gonna suck. hopefully i understand all the other math stuff because he drops the lowest test. I think we have two more and then the final.

Spring is soon... and I'm already planning out sox games I'm going to :D

I need money. I need a new purse. I need to have this surgery NOW. I need to have better grades. I need motivation. I need confidence. I need happiness.
I need sleep.

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[22 Feb 2006|03:45pm]
[ mood | sick ]

QUANTITATIVE REASONING:       Tues and Thurs 8:30-10 [normally I would not take a class that early but the professor is Jesus!! and he was my discover professor so could be interesting]
RELIGION/POLITICS IN U.S.:        MWF 2:20-3:20
URBAN SOCIOLOGY:                     Tues and Thurs 11:50-1:20

Finally got that figured out.
Tonight I have a three page paper to write, holy crap i wont be able to do it. Luckily I know people in that class now so we're going to work on it together at some point.
For now I nap!

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[21 Feb 2006|12:14am]
[ mood | sick ]

i feel sick.
and karma's awful :(

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randomness from me to you... [16 Feb 2006|01:19pm]
[ mood | Hungover. ]

Last night was very reminisent of Halloween. Except not as 'bad'.
I don't know, I'm not going to go into details. But I finally finished watching that Pirates porn. This time however, I was very very drunk so it was extra hilarious.

I think today is the best day to be hungover. Its all dark and gloomy out so I don't even feel bad that I just wanna sleep all day. But at four I talk to Jesus about the classes for next quarter and then nine register for them. Yikes. I'm so lost as to what to do. I think i'll take classes a little later in the day, having 1150 as my earliest. But then again, I really like just getting my classes over with. So we'll see. Probably later on tues and thurs so at least on fridays i can be done with everything, unless i dont do any friday classes, I dont even know yet though because i have no clue what i'm going to take. Except for what math i have to be in. And no more english!
Maybe I'll take a religion class? or a political class? eh.

And! ADAM, i just mailed you five lovely letters so you'll get those soon I hope.

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[11 Feb 2006|01:45pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I want to be at home.

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[29 Jan 2006|02:33am]
[ mood | drunk ]

i'm pretty 100% sure i made the right choice with going to depual.
i love it heter.
and i love all the people [well almost all= the people ive met her.e
and i'm just really happy.

if you dont go to depaul, then wtf, come visit me. :D

s...sorry, i'm drunk.
richard got me my favorite drink tonight and i drank the whole bottle.
not necessary, but i did, and i love it.
i drank with richard and his friend mary and chuck was here but then they left and lana saw me adn was like wanna go eat, i didnt, but i did wanna smoke some more so i was like sure.. but then she was like lets go to a party and having nothing but my school id on me and being quite drunk i was like meh, so walked all the way down fullerton by myself back to uhall.. i think my birks are trashed as well.. woops rain sucks.

my mouth tastes like cinammon and cloves.
yeah you should probably wanna make out with me now>? lol mmmmm yum.

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mmmmm [13 Jan 2006|01:58pm]
My birthday is on Tuesday... What do I want?
My parents and sister keep asking, but I dunno...
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[04 Jan 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | apathetic ]

School is good, very good.
I'm am really glad to be back.
And yes I said I would do second quarter very differently but so far its EXACTLY the same, just different people. WOOPS, oh well i don't even care anymore.
tomorrow i'm not sure what i'll do.
thursday i'll probably work
and then friday see a movie with nick and then drink at some point.
saturday basketball game.
sunday i might have to go home. hopefully not.

i hate overly lame emotional people.

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new years plans... [31 Dec 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | drained ]

So as of now i'm going with Mike to some party on the northside.
I don't know much about it, but it's something.
It's nice having plans when everyone else around here is in a panic of what to do.

We drove all the way to chicago today to buy two purses and spend a ridiculous amount of money at Grandstand [the sox store] and then eat dinner and come back.
I don't know whether it was a wasted trip or not.

Oh, and we randomly saw that dick and jane movie on the way back.
it was pretty funny because it made fun of big corporations and subtly at bush, so you know its worth it for that alone. most of alec baldwins lines were bush quotes.

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